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I cried like a baby when I felt it. A field of golden grass was like a maze. Cranky, heavy, malfunctioning equipment was a constant hassle. Sometimes acid was mixed with speed, too. The simple act of eating a bit of fruit will be wild. Don't ask me for a business model, I was tripping balls.

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Whole new continents to explore.

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Had a huge head of curls half way down my back, and walked in, filled out the application off my tits and took it back. Afterwards, and on pot or hashish, yes. Because odds are specially if you're new you will freak the fuck out at some point and you need to be ready for those situations. I didn't really notice OP's mention of big trips until after I'd posted, but here's one. Mdma was not around, or not used much in the 60s. I heard the word "perfect" at least twenty times that day, and every time I heard it, it increased my mood and I felt as though everyone around me was just generally very happy. I watched Nightmare before Christmas because it's animated, musical, and captivating, especially when tripping.

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