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It didn't help that I had a similar experience looking at product labels; it was rare to discover any representation of Asian women in curl products. What to Read Next. I still feel uneasy about these conflicting beauty standards at times, but I can let out a tiny sigh of relief knowing that there are others online who share my feelings. I began connecting with other Asian women with curly hair and heard a recurring theme in my conversations with these new friends: More stock photos from Anatoly Repin 's portfolio. At first, I hesitated to give the real answer: My hairstylist kept telling me how much she loved my curls, and that I should never do anything to change them.

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How Having Curly Hair as an Asian Woman Made Me Question Beauty Standards

If you do face this on a regular basis, make sure you use the proper precautions to lessen the heat damage done to your hair. At first, I believed that her constant suggestions that I straighten my hair were an isolated incident. I once heard her compliment another Cambodian woman with curls even more apparent than mine, but she never once glorified my new texture. Aside from her relationship with John Lennon, Yoko Ono was also known for her iconic frizzy hair. Sell the rights SR-EL 1. More stock photos from Anatoly Repin 's portfolio.

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