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One way in which naturalness is identified in Western music, as well as in India, the Middle East, and parts of sub-Saharan Africa, is on the basis of acoustics, the building of scales on the overtone structure of any single tone [ 2930 ]. Music everywhere is believed to affect our emotions, to involve some kind of arousal, ranging all the way from mild pleasure or displeasure to profoundly transformed states of consciousness such as trancing [ 45 ]. Each deity has a cult centre and ancestral temple where he or she, or the parents, lived their mortal life. I love what I do what I do loves me — lunatic electronic waltz lounge with deep brass. But these so-called extra-musical meanings are highly conventionalized, unlike the idiosyncratic extra-musical meanings e.

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Origins and development of musical instruments.

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Chinese gods and immortals

The deliberate use of beats in Bali and other musical cultures [ 26 ] is inconsistent with the claim that beats, which are typically avoided in Western music, are innately unpleasant [ 2728 ]. The pleasure and social consequences are amplified, however, when music is experienced with family or peers [ ] and even more so when music features active involvement as in singing, drumming or dancing [ ]. In Hunter-gatherer economy in prehistory: The evolution of language from social cognition. This means that archaeological evidence for musical activities, in the form of preserved instruments, is unlikely to represent the earliest musical activities or their extent. The sense of octave equivalence is found wherever men, women and children sing together in unison.

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asian mysterious music
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asian mysterious music
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