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Unlawful sexual penetration is generally an offense irrespective of how deep the penetration was and irrespective of whether ejaculation of semen took place. It is easiest to choose a position you both feel comfortable with and one that you can get into easily if you are having sex for the first time. Figure out what and where your bits are with anatomical illustrations and a hand mirror. Most women reach orgasm from stimulation to the clitoris, one of the most erogenous zones on a female body. Do what comes naturally and feels good - being slow and gentle is a good idea to start with so you can make sure you are both comfortable. This can be done by you or your partner. Retrieved April 30,

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There is no one right way of having vaginal sex, but there are a few things that you should think about before you do it.

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Sexual penetration

Your vaginal canal is positioned at an angle in your body, not straight up and down as you and your partner might have imagined. A child below the statutory age of consent generally cannot consent to acts involving sexual penetration. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Get him to repay the favour by applying it to your clitoris. We know you must be frustrated, but before you seek a specialist, here are some possible causes of your difficulties, and we have expert advice on what you can do to get on the road to a pleasurable sexual experience.

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easier sexual penetration
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