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Such responses are evolutionarily adaptive and serve to promote an immediate fight-or-flight reaction; activities requiring energy expenditure that may conflict with this response e. Women Who Eat On Tubes is an open Facebook group where people post full-frontal pictures of women eating on the London underground. Finally, as someone who relishes eating whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, I hugely dislike the fact that women eating on the tube is even seen as noteworthy. However, experimental results have been inconsistent. As such, the presence of insulin is important to consider when examining the relationship between stress, eating patterns, and energy storage. The hypothalamic—pituitary—adrenal axis and sex hormones in chronic stress and obesity:

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Corticosterone facilitates saccharin intake in adrenalectomized rats:

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Noradrenaline and CRF may suppress appetite during stress, whereas cortisol may stimulate appetite during recovery from stress European Journal of Endocrinology. Support Center Support Center. Food and Drug Reward: A diet promoting sugar dependency causes behavioral cross-sensitization to a low dose of amphetamine. Conversely, adrenalectomy abolishes the effect of stress on drug acquisition

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