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On the last day of school I got to talking to her and told her that I needed a coffee and to come with me I was new to the whole area and had no friends so I told her if she ever wanted to hang out on the weekends I'd be happy to. Things went downhill from there. Are you misusing the term or? The physical attraction was definitely there, but I wanted to be really sure before we took things to that level. When I teach electrostatics, on the first day I go out in the hall with a bunch of cans and balloons that are filled and tied.

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When I teach waves, particularly sound, I bring in my guitar and use a microphone connected to a device which converts the sound waves into a sinosoidal graph on the projector, make them predict what that graph will look like based on the sound of different notes.

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teacher student relationship

I refused politely and stammered something about school policy despite every molecule on my body chastising me for rejecting. I thought worst case she denies me but I wouldn't get in trouble because she came to my house for drinks, and she would get in trouble too from the school prolly. Not a teacher but a teacher's assistant. We met up several times and the night before she had to head back France I made my move and ended up doin d diddly all night. There was about 2 months left in the semester of the class where I go 2 days a week. Anyways I was always pulling solid grades, sat in the front, and would respond to her questions.

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watch sexy student teacher relations
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watch sexy student teacher relations
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