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I gave workshops when I traveled with it that resulted in more uploads for the piece. I went to Austria, went to China and Japan, Germany and Croatia, Singapore, all over the place—it was always very exciting. Aubrey de Grey who is studying aging and who speculates that we will all live for two hundred years without cellular degeneration—another white guy. Try and if you have any more suggestions for me please feel free to email me. If you think 15 or 30 or 90 which is a LOT by the way minutes is enough on the phone, then by all means, put your foot down. I have taken his phone obviously and he has spoken to a younger, 20 something, gentlemen from his church about this awkward and uncomfortable issue.

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I used the graffiti that I found and also embellished it.

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Yes, that resonates with me. She just wasn't there torturing me anymore. Can you create a little bit of context for that show in ? I just like the possibilities of the image making that can occur; that all of these fragments of ornament come from different systems of information. I have work from the Fuck Vietnam time frame, which has a great deal of interest now. The drug cartels injected the country with money, produced change, and corrupted the ethics and values of a nation. I need to really make more effort to reach out more to him on a personal level instead of all of them together so he knows I still see him as an individual.

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