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Who was I to say no? Over time, though, as the winds shifted and flames spread, a certain calculus came into play: There was a line in your letter that gave me pause: Does a large penis make you feel 'full' as opposed to a small one where you feel slightly 'empty' perhaps? InDisney announced a recall of the home video version of their animated feature The Rescuers because it contained several pictures of naked women. Dog food, gin, and even cheese!

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The pleasantries are unexchanged, the emails unclicked, the signs unwritten, the campaigns unproduced, the speeches unspoken, the aphorisms undelivered, the journalists unemployed, the artists unsubsidized, the original expressions of thought unrecorded.

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Dozens of Scientologists, dizzy from their anti-gravity perceptics enhancement, were intercepted upon leaving their Clearwater headquarters, bagged, transported, and arranged on the floor of a sci-fi convention in Orlando. Bag of Dicks kept its malicious momentum, veering in different directions, zigzagging, bleeding the lines, crossing the margins, jumping the shark, then turning back on itself. It was a bad time to try your voice as a subway proselytizer, to attend a tent revival, or to be praised by Pat Robertson. Roofies, as prescribed, were the sedative of choice, slipped into water bottles, coffee cups, soda cans, wine glasses, rocks glasses, pitchers, and whole jugs of Gatorade; in Silicon Valley, the meal-in-a-liquid Soylent was a popular delivery mechanism for dissolved pills, while in certain financial districts you might be served a very dirty martini. Bag of Dicks is a scourge; nevertheless, it persists.

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