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I dare say that there is anyone who as a kid who has not done some form of peeking, touching or other inquisitive action when it comes to the opposite sex. Back when women wore chasity belts the average age for marraige was around 13 or Pedophile number 1 was a woman taking those cute pics in the tub of the kids. You bring up an excellent point. If those teens' lives are now ruined because of some naked pics, it will likely be the direct result of the publicity this case has generated. Depends what country you're in. The boys sure as hell probably didn't mind receiving them either.

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Second, how does porn of any kind advance our culture?

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I don't think anyone denies that. Any evidence should be deemed inadmissible as it was gathered with out a warrant. Obviously laws vary from state to state, but in many states the whole "juvenile record being sealed" does not apply to sex offender registration. But it's not so cut and dried as all that. Only mistake this flirty bitch did was including her pretty face in her pussy.

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