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For example boas, vest, scarves, sun glasses, jewelry. Write names of famous rock stars on to post-it notes and stick them on the back of each players shirt. For each artist name up to ten of their songs until they are guessed correctly. For a red carpet you can purchase red plastic table covers from the dollar store and tape them together. Anyone caught moving must sit out until the next round.

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Instead of lyric clues you can put fun dares.

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Party Rock Anthem

Play until everyone has had a chance to sing. Have the children pass the bag around in a circle while the music is playing. Make sure you have music suitable for the age group of your party. After they are finished you can have everyone show off their rock star look by walking down the red carpet. The object of the game is to guess what artist sang the song. This game is best played in teams. Shake your hands forward as if you are doing a "come here" move.

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party rock outfits for teenage girls with swag
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party rock outfits for teenage girls with swag
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