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The Better Sex Workout. Engage abs and, keeping ankles pressed together, lift feet off the floor in line with hips. And chances are the intense thigh burn you work up will distract you from what it looks like. Engage abs and straddle legs open to sides, then quickly bring legs together, crossing left leg over right. Hold your abs tight as you continue to press through the heels, squeeze the glutes and inner thighs and slightly pulse the pelvis up and down just a couple of inches, not the full range of motion.

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Dance for up to 60 seconds.

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5 Exercises To Improve Intimacy and Create a Better Relationship

Upper Body Workout Routines for the Gym. It is a natural conclusion of the ritual of intimacy we engage in with a person we find attractive on both a physical and psychological level. Need more of a challenge? Can you still get pregnant? Dance for up to 60 seconds. Not sure what your passion is yet? Many women feel least confident about their midriff, so target that area.

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sexual exercises for women
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sexual exercises for women
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