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Incidentally, this was the first—and only—movie that he ever produced. Under the current law they probably wouldn't even prosecute him. Besides, you can't argue context here. Jun 12, Posts: Staring at Shields every night apparently did rouse some feelings in Atkins; the duo had a brief romance while filming. BY Jennifer M Wood.

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The Blue Lagoon

The movie not only hit headlines when it was released, it led to a government enquiry and Shields was called to testify before the US Congress. The world and particularly the US was not always so uptight as it is today. Christmas Vacation marked the directorial debut of Jeremiah Chechik, who began his career as a fashion photographer for Vogue then moved into commercial directing. Fri Jan 14, This has always baffaled me. In the movie Shield's is Sarandon's daughter, and they are both prostitutes

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