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Originally Posted by rpen Their only concern is getting between you and your money and their schemes are getting more complex. Rain threatens search for wildfire victims in California, President Trump plays down Crown Prince's alleged role in journalist's killing, and hotlines to help you avert a cooking crisis on Thanksgiving. I also love feeling strong. ABC cancels 'Roseanne' after star's racist tweet, Missouri Governor to resign amid probe, and what Starbucks hoped to accomplish with its bias training day.

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President Trump chooses Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court vacancy, trade fight threatens farm belt businesses, and where to buy your toys now that Toys 'R' Us is gone.

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178th Anniversary of the Champaign County Fair Urbana, Ohio

Makes me smile when I think about it. How did you get into football? Fraudsters always take the path of least resistance, figuring out how they can get the biggest bang for the buck with as little trouble as possible. I need to hurry, my eggs are on walkers! You cleaned your furnace filter, caulked your leaky windows and even wrapped your water heater in a blanket… but your utility bill is still breaking the bank! Police probe the motive of the shooter in the Southern California bar massacre, recounts and runoffs still loom over high-profile elections in Florida and Georgia, and how all those annoying political ads could soon help improve your favorite

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