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I, I can only agree with your comments I buried friends killed by bombs and bullets brought by American Patriots. Samba Save your time Abdi is just using this blog to make people angry. I love how this thread devolved into a racial pissing match. Just say Nikki 3. We were too concerned with collateral damage though, so we chose not to. The growing Somalia mission, coming more fully to light after four American troops were killed in an ambush in Niger last month, also includes two new military headquarters in the capital of Mogadishu and stepped-up airstrikes.

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No Nation on the face of the earth should support Somalia.

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The Somali love of 'rude' nicknames

Yes, Somalia have been colonized and even though somalis never went through something harsch as for example congo who lost 2 million lifes thanks to their colonizersstill Somalia fought the longest colonial war in the history. It was a media war that the United States lost in Somalia, ironic since its involvement was forced by the pictures of famine-stricken people there. Warfare is a fascinating subject. They were there to help alleviate the famine and make sure the aid got to the people who needed it. I enjoyed your post, you write well. You will win some, and you will lose some. Everyone is entitled to how they feel but God loves all and when its all said and done I hope the lord have mercy on your souls!

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naked male somali picture
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naked male somali picture
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