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Blending dark purple into reddish orange is no easy feat! This lob is definitely on the longer end, but it frames the face beautifully. We know, not everyone looks great in pancaked hair, the puff is always a preference based on face shape. The rich chocolate brown color would look great on almost any skin tone, and the long bangs preserve a flirty look. Unless your skin is mostly neutral, and also very clear, this hair color decision might not be the best. It looks touchably soft and healthy, despite the heavy duty bleaching. This pixie styling is a little messy, but it totally works because the hair is just so feathery light.

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To create these waves, curl small sections into tight curls and then alternate between combing out each curl and flattening it to the head.

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61 Short Hairstyles That Black Women Can Wear All Year Long

I call this a mini bob because it falls the same way as a standard bob, but falls quite a bit shorter. It has sweetness and a bit of intensity, which comes in relation to your own exuded attitude. If your face shape is round, think twice before you ask your stylist for this look. This is the shortest of the short hairstyles. Please enter your comment! The graduating darker to lighter color looks great on her silky straight bob. Dark-colored edgy sides topped with a fun and creative pixie.

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