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Bodily hair masculinizes them, so hairlessness becomes a way to hold on to the feminine. Recent surveys reveal that guys are unlikely to orally pleasure young women outside of a relationship. There's soap and water, after all. In the 's the female teen body became an erotic fetish. We all hoped to get there. Because women could now forthrightly demand their pleasures -- if he got his, she should get hers -- they expected their sexual partners to grant them reciprocal oral favors.

This shot has June laying against some pillows, one knee raised as she rests an arm on the knee.

Shaved Pussy is Being Fucked Hard (1970s Vintage)

That women are going hairless is more than another grooming practice. Hairlessness, which does not contribute to female pleasure, is entwined with the rise of the pornographic, with love's erosion as a believable state of grace, with women's uncomfortable capitulation to sex as a portal to fuller affection. It is a mark of female sexual availability to men on masculine terms, a regular rite of submission. What are they telling us? There's soap and water, after all.

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