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I stated I never have been to a nude beach before. But today women too want to have a right to their sexual feelings, their right to initiate sex, and all that. Well I thought nudist beaches,and the concept of being a nudist,is for people who thought being naked was natural well,it is,but you know what I mean and were all about being more comfortable with no clothes on,quite matter-of-fact about it. When a man gets an erection he is not necessarily sexually aroused. I truly love the attention from all the nude men. Author of Felicity's Blog. They don't belong there!

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It's a nude beach and anyone who goes there should be open minded and have certain expectations of what may occur.

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You may say this is perverted behaviour, but sorry, as a male that's how my body works Couple split by Strangers on a nude beach. It's nice to read that most woman enjoy looking at an erect penis and probably why a lot of full bikini-clad woman go there when there is ample non-nude beaches around. I sometimes play with my cock at the nude beach and get an erection. Next Verde Hot Springs: Basically a nude beach, while some girls limited themselves to going topless ind.

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