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Hammas fires rockets from civilian neighborhoods so people like you will cry out when the house next door is destroyed. So how come all Middle Eastern states are evil and "Israel" is not? BTW, they don't occupy anything but their own country. It's for your own good. In the name of God, nationalism, or religion? I'm kidding that would not be practical or ethical. For all you Palestinian supporters, why don't you convince your genius "government" to support peace and prevent rocket fire into Israel.

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Blame the UN for hamfistedly trying to fix the horrors of the Holocaust by evicting a people the palestinians from the land they were living on and saying, "sorry, you can't live here anymore.

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Israel independence day or Jerusalem day vector illustration. Not surrender to islamic terrorism!!! By that logic, if we want peace in Afghanistan, we must immediately stop helping Karzai government - this will turn Taliban into tolerant and peace-loving people, will it not? If anyone is interested in getting to the bottom of the endless blame, I suggest that you read The Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz. It is time for the Palestinians to kick their oppressor and get to a discussion. Some day this will happen

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