Lil wayne when i beat the pussy up lyrics

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I'm feelin' good, nigga Rest in peace lil' Wesley Wes A pussy-ass nigga always kill a good nigga I'm high as Heaven, I'll pop the reverend and stop the wedding Got more money than memories in the bank, don't forget it Clean 'em up my team is up, I'm high as Scotty, beam me up They say we all gotta pay the price Fuck it, man - ring me up Fuckin' right I skate, ho - pussy is my scapegoat And all these pussy-ass niggas that's hatin', kiss my ass, besos I'm a genius, take notes - I'll split your egg to the egg yolk I'll be dead before I be dead broke Still burn money, my bread toast Fuck it, if you got it, spend it, nigga But just keep your two pennies, nigga Start shit and I'll end it, nigga Don't open your mouth, I'm a dentist, nigga Lil' Tunechi

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