Pussy money weed remix

girls doing pussy bump

Oh yes I love her like her dad told her no man would ever love her Oh and I better be the only man sticking it Licking it like an envelope, mailing it, sealing it Read it, I have written down Victoria's secret Don't tell nobody, don't share your body with nobody Not even a finger, I will cut it off and let him keep it Now that's for Weezy, baby and at my station We have sex orientation When I hit it, she squint like them orient Asians I do me, I say hey miss Chung Lee I like to see your booty Roll like sushi, I'm trynna dip my celery up in her blue cheese Ah's, ooh wee's, wa la's, tah da's Mhm's, uh huh's, oh yeah's, never oh no's Until I have to go, and then its - never oh no I tell her don't cry, I be back like the electric bill And when she butt naked she dress to kill.

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