Bolo paddle spank

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As a freshman, Jim received punishment for scaring her to death by not coming home until several hours after he was supposed to be there. The Oak Smacker An Oak Smacker is ultimately effective and perfectly portable--it fits easily in a purse or glove box. In the great majority of cases, the paddle is aimed at the recipient's buttocks. Bamboo Brute The Bamboo Brute We had no kindergarten then; but my great-grandmother had taught me reading, using the Chattanooga Times as her primer.

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We who received those kind of punishments learned that respect for adults and adhering to rules for expected behavior were things that helped us in the future.

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Bolo paddle spank

Mahogany Smacker The Mahogany Smacker is small enough to fit into the glove box, a purse, or an inside coat pocket, ready anytime or anywhere to give it's sting to a misbehaving subject. Bamboo Paddle Finally, a paddle made of bamboo. For example, the policies of Bloomfield School District provide that, "Corporal punishment will be administered by spanking the buttocks of a student with a flat-surfaced paddle which is smoothly sanded and has no cracks or holes and that will cause no more than temporary pain and not inflict permanent damage to the body. It will be one you will never forget. You definitely need one of these in your toy box. Tipton County Schools, Tennessee.

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bolo paddle spank
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bolo paddle spank

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