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The irritation which is caused by the inflammation of the distal part of the [uncut] penis leads to erection and release through ejaculation, to enuresis, to onanism and pederasty with their psycho-pathological reactions, and finally to moral crimes. It may be supposed to increase the pleasure of the act and the impulse to it. The practised eye of the surgeon sees beyond the veil which shadows the case and recognizes the ravages which solitary vice is making upon the nervous system of the little sufferer. For this purpose, if the prepuce is long, we may circumcise the male patient with present and probably future advantage; the operation, too, should not be performed under chloroform, so that the pain experienced may be associated with the habit we wish to eradicate. It follows that if circumcision reduces the pleasure and incidence of masturbation, it increases the incidence of penetrative sex, and thus the likelihood of disease transmission. Huge German Monster Cock Part 3 4 min 1. Here is the dilemma we are in:

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The sensibility of the glans is diminished, but not sufficiently to interfere with the copulative function or to constitute an objection.

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Circumcision and “moral hygiene”

Dr Vanier … looks upon the prepuce as the most frequent cause of onanism. The only function which the prepuce can be supposed to have is that of maintaining the penis in a condition susceptible of more acute sensation than would otherwise exist. Huge German Monster Cock Part 3 4 min 1. Previously active, intelligent and healthy. If we do not teach the growing boy to pull the prepuce back and cleanse the glans there is danger of smegma collecting and of adhesions and ulcerations forming, which in their turn will cause irritation likely to lead to masturbation. These questions are discussed in great detail and with massive reference to contemporary sources in the only scholarly studies of the history of circumcision, published by leading university presses after a rigorous process of peer review:. Stepsister masturbating in front of the camera!

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