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That is quite an accomplishment. If this has been occurring on and off, with bouts of diarrhea and blood, then I would recommend you speak with your doctor. Hi, I have gotten my period two years ago but just today I whipped with toilet paper and I got light brown stuff and like the long sticky stuff on it so I thought I got my period and when I put on my pad and checked like about an hour later there was nothing on it. There is a slight tingling pain in my anal cavity. I then noticed when wiping a fair amount of bright red blood, with a small amout of bright red in the stool.

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Once in awhile, my urine smells a little salty.

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Menstrual period I do get constipation quite often and I do believe I have had some type of hemorrhoids but they have not really been bothering me lately so when I saw blood I got pretty scared. I am guessing this is probably your period. It usually takes a lot of effort to release but when released, it is usually diarrhoea-like, which kinda contradicts the fact that diarrhoea is usually released easily. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and really convey to them your concerns. Make a list of questions.

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please not in my ass
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please not in my ass
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