Tug of war and my boob came out

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MNTwinSquaredSep 15, Pregnancy Week By Week. He will also do this when he's tired and about to unlatch. I start blaming it on myself - my diet, not burping him enough, etc. Yes, my password is: M Husband BF rant.

He yanks and pulls on my nipple with his mouth then detaches, cries, latches on, detaches, cries

Tug of war with my nipple?!

Or if milk comes out too fast? I hope it gets better. A catnap usually takes care of the problem. I'm going to ped in a few days so I was going to ask then. I hate to see him frustrated and hearing him cry breaks my heart Thanks for your advice! My 7 wo son does this, i thought it was frustration that my letdown was too slow.

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