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Because spermatia cannot swim, they depend on their environment to carry them to the egg cell. Non-motile sperm cells called spermatia lack flagella and therefore cannot swim. There is some evidence that this binding is what triggers the acrosome to release the enzymes that allow the sperm to fuse with the egg. This suggests those with less variation produce higher concentrations of good sperm. The human sperm cell is haploidso that its 23 chromosomes can join the 23 chromosomes of the female egg to form a diploid cell. Another ova-type sex cell COULD fertilise an ovum but fast, sneaky sperm have got in there first, in terms of evolution.

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Sperm cells are the smallest human cells.

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If a small cloud of cytoplasm remains with the nucleus, the sperm is badly damaged and will have trouble moving forward. Now we know that sperm contain not little people but DNA. Some want to kill sperm cells. In total about ova mature 13 per year for 30 years. Not longer in proportion to its body sizejust longer. There is a moment when the ovum floats freely in the abdominal cavity.

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how big are sperm
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how big are sperm
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