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First of all, Hendrix first went into the studio with Knight and Chalpin in Octoberweeks after the September 18 date. The two music videos I can give you are cheesy but glorious. During their time in the 70s, they became known for their elaborate stage productions which stepped far beyond merely going to see a band, and more like live, interactive, improvisational theater with sick jams. I get tired of snow. While most folks around Halloween want to revel in horror films and gore, I find myself acknowledging the fact that, well, I kinda like those films all year long and take this period of time to look at how the holiday was done in years gone by.

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Remember, Burns is talking about a man who had never done this kind of special effects before and was operating on sheer talent, ingenuity and being inspired to create outside of his usual wheelhouse.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The pioneering creations of monster-mask maker Don Post. Frustrated I grabbed my son, stripped him down and told my daughter to watch. For the track, Jimi used a wah-wah pedal, and his guitar playing can be heard throughout. Danish picture sleeve, Now I know who Jessica is dressed up as, but I have no clue what Olivia is supposed to be?

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