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Finally, everyone but Jinx loses interest and leaves much to Jinx's annoyance, and once more Kid Flash tries to convince her that she can do better. We're going to go watch wrassling! Kid Flash in this episode is Wally West. Kid Flash keeps flirting with her, but also adresses a doubt that has been secretly nagging her, namely that she is secretly dissatisfied with her life of crime. In the city, Kid Flash appears before what he thinks to be Jinx but is actually Madame Rouge, who immediately sets upon him. Mammoth [ comes out of a store with a candy bar.

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Ya'll wanna build a fort outta sofa cushions?

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Meanwhile, Madame Rouge has also appeared, intending to capture Kid Flash. Kid Flash captured Jinx returns to the museum to steal the luck charm once more and finally gets to meet her adversary face to face: Once he recovered, Kid Flash finds himself in the H. Why are you so interested in me? Once he recovers, Kid Flash finds himself in the H. Still determined to prove her worth to her, Jinx decides to hunt Kid Flash down as well and catch him before Rouge gets to him first. When Madame Rouge arrives, she expresses her disdain at the H.

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teen titans light speed
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teen titans light speed
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