Amateur antenna tuners

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If the turns on the main coil are changed to move to a higher or lower frequency, the link turns should also change. An alternate connection middle, right for the series cap circuit is useful for low impedances only, but avoids the taps For low-Z lines in the illustration. A short length of low-loss coaxial line is acceptable, but with longer lossy lines the additional loss due to SWR becomes very high. A translation of 6: Also, when the information being transmitted has frequency components whose wavelength is a significant fraction of the electrical length of the feed line, distortion of the transmitted information will occur if there are standing waves on the line. And these products are affordable!

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Circuit as seen by user; parts impedance shown on diagram.

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MFJ Antenna tuners etc.

In stockshipped in 1 or two days. Transmission lines and antennas 1st ed. The four output capacitors sections C2 are a double-differential capacitor: Very useful for visually handicapped users is the acoustic feedback on SWR. The large tuning range is provided by a large number of capacitors and inductivities, which results in a very precise tuning using combinations of C and L each. This is much more than most internal tuners can offer. Plugs between antenna and transceiver.

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amateur antenna tuners
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amateur antenna tuners
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