Medications for bumps from bikini wax

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Routine cleansing and exfoliating is the easiest and most effective way to prevent bumps from forming after you wax. Ingrown hairs on your face are painful and annoying. Shop for hydrocortisone cream. Try to wear loose clothing if possible and if the ingrown is around the groin area, try to avoid elastic from underwear rubbing on the spot. Which One Are You? Face waxing removes hair quickly, taking the hair roots with it…. Over-the-counter OTC products to soothe and exfoliate.

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It can be applied after waxing to soothe irritation.

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Red Bumps? How To Soothe Skin After A Wax

How to Identify and Treat an Ingrown Hair Cyst When an ingrown hair turns into a cyst, a large bump will appear above the skin. Traditional scrubs may be too harsh on freshly waxed skin. If you have an aloe vera plant, all you have to do to enjoy its nourishing benefits is break off a piece of its leaf. If that doesn't work, then you can try tea tree oil. Use more for a larger area. If not, you can probably find them at your local pharmacy.

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medications for bumps from bikini wax
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medications for bumps from bikini wax
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