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I was having trouble kissing her because she was breathing so heavy. I crawled up her body and lay down at her side, kissing her nipples and then her mouth. I slowly worked down to her thick buck and inhaled her heady scent as I buried my nose into the bushy mound. We were to remain lovers until Mom died, and it never grew old. Tammy arched her back, jerked her hips and smashed her cunt into Crissy's face. Making love is making sure your partner wants you, and feels wanted!

I just took care of you like any mother would.

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I rose to a kneeling position and grabbed her panties to slide them up over her knees and then off of her legs, with my eyes devouring the sight of her bush hiding that pussy. I then tilted her head back and kissed her on the lips. Mother son whimpered clitoris thrashed frantically. I kissed my way back slowly to her bushy mound. I pulled back for a second and parted her bush with my fingers and gazed lovingly at the flowery wrinkles of her pussy lips, and admired the dark color. Very slight sag, fine shape and erect nipples.

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