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Organs no longer function according to a transcendent traffic cop, but rather, as Abou-Rihan writes, "Mouth, skin, anus, vagina, nose, and nipple no longer obey the one-dimensional and inefficient hierarchy of the organism" The wall initiates this connection and establishes the individuated sucking machine of the mouth-penis through facialization, becomings, and deterritorializations. Numerous motivations can be ascribed to the use and eroticism of glory holes. But the penis is what changes due to its lack of a body, or in other words, its reconfiguration of its host into a BwO. Others seemed to be crudely cut out as if a customer had spent a great deal of time carving out the hole with a knife or filing tool. The one guy had the nerve to talk about the guy talking over the PA and his job.

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While glory holes are regularly used for sex, drug dealers and users have been known to carry out their business inside booths since the privacy factor, convenience, and perhaps anonymity is attractive to people buying and selling drugs.

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Where can I find a good old-fashioned gloryhole?

The New Press, For them, it's a thrill—a chance to become something other. Following Hocquenghem, Paul is exercising less an identity than an attitude while visiting the glory holes. Sex, Politics, and the Ethics of Queer Life. This is because facialization is a becoming. Deleuze and Guattari write, "Desiring-machines are nonhuman sex, the molecular machinic elements, their arrangements and their syntheses, without which there would be neither a human sex specifically determined in the large aggregates, nor a human sexuality capable of investing these aggregates" Anti-Oedipus They may selflessly reciprocate—even if it is a man, because in the arcade booths, the distinction between man and woman, homosexual and heterosexual, are insignificant when it comes to "pure sex.

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places to find gloryholes
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places to find gloryholes
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