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I have a couple of scars, a couple of bruises. One would be hard-pressed to believe that Portman and Kunis are, in fact, close friends in real life. Although I will analyze some of the scenes, I chose to focus on one scene in particular which involves Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana. Mila's hot, but this movie was disappointing. Leave a comment Comments One day Nikki allows Kat to perform oral sex on her, but insists that she is not a lesbian. The whole shoot was fun.

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I think we both got very lucky that we both understood each other and got each other's humour.

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Mila Kunis: Sex scene with Natalie Portman was awkward

Please log in or register to post comments. Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce Log in Sign up now. The two may have trained boot-camp style for their roles as New York ballerinas, but It's not about seeing them making out or having sex, what's important is what they are saying and the relationship between the two women.

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after sex mila kunis scene
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after sex mila kunis scene
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