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WTF do I want to do that for? In one hand he has a water bottle and in the other he has a trimmer in the other hand. Something had to be done and he was told to get rid of it or there would be a consequence. We had a bamboo forest near campus. I told him that I would keep an ear out. Guess who is back? A few weeks later he stunk up the whole hall because he was smoking a bong in his room.

That being said, I think some people let a little too loose.

College dorms: the wild west of your 20s (21 Photos)

I went over to that dorm to pick up a friend to take him back home after graduation. I woke up around midnight one night because people were firing Roman candles at one of the buildings. Said people were expelled. No big deal I see them do this a lot, the carpet is really ugly and it actually help a lot with cleaning. Last year my school decided to set up a bee hive research set-up on a recently closed porch to one of the dining halls. The repairman said he would be there in an hour, so I had to be there waiting keeping an eye on the situation, so me and some friends of the people stuck grabbed lawn chairs, snack and filled our yeti cups and tailgated the event. This one guy put blankets all over his floor.

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