Greek chastity and virginity for women

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As this excerpt indicates, the religious duties of elite female virgins were plenty. Feminine sexual practices have revolved around the idea of females waiting to have sex until they are married. Yet after all these centuries, and all these pages, it may not be inappropriate to consider what these women's lives have to say to us. Perhaps one of the most obvious contrasts between the Fathers and the virgins is between Jerome and Mary of Egypt. The Birth of Daughters The birth of girls was rarely so much as recorded in Ancient Greece, let alone celebrated [1]. Medical knowledge is a touchstone of what ordinary people might have thought about the body. Their handling, or consumption, is left to women.

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For the contextualization of this gynecological debate, in Muslim societies, see Hegazy and Al-Rukban

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It was even true of Mary of Egypt, who, after her clothing had rotted away in the desert, said she was dressed in the word of God. Darkness adorned the bride. This confusion is simply a matter of fact. She would have been alerted to the specific challenge that Greek erotic culture launches to us: Similar facts are related of the aborigines of Brazil and of the Kinipeto Esquimaux.

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greek chastity and virginity for women
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greek chastity and virginity for women
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