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He did manage to get far enough to break my hymen. I know it's not very romantic but urinary tract infections are not uncommon when women first start having sex see honeymoon cystitis and it's not a bad habit to get into for the long term anyway. How can a virgin give a girl as much pleasure as physically possible on his first time? Turn off the TV. Also, as the anonymous girl below suggests, oral is pretty good because you can be a lot more tender with your mouth, than with your finger. Also can lick her out gently, around the clit and maybe play around with her nipples. Hug her lovingly and hold her close, stroke and kiss her tenderly, let her know how much you enjoyed her body and making love with her.

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As you move in and out, thrust slow and steady, shallow rather than deep to avoid causing lacerations and chafing.

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How to pleasure my virgin girlfriend?

And before you actually have sex, make sure she is really relaxed from lots of foreplay. If you're going to do lots of finger penetration, make sure your hands are CLEAN, and your nails are short and you have no weird hangnails. Big community funding update! Both of these are not only silky-smooth, slide-safe, completely odorless, tasteless and easy to clean, but also free of any irritating chemicals like petroleum, glycerin or parabens. To ease her tension even further, spend plenty of time cuddling before getting undressed.

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how to pleasure a virgin girl
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how to pleasure a virgin girl
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