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I know that for all of us who post here on Japantoday, it seems like an impossible feat to forget a child, as we are all perfect beings, but I'm sure that those of us in the world who are less perfect have the possibility of making mistakes. What an awful way to die for this poor little girl. Sorry, can't agree with that, that's not how justice works. The prosecutors almost never press charges if they don't feel absolutely certain of a guilty verdict. Last night in our class, there have been classmates said she may be dripping out of line, until this morning, more and more students have received news, we are in the circle of Weixin friends frantically publish information to find people. They found a Fiero for sale about 40 miles away, a four-speed with a rattle-can paint job.

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I'm not seeing that imprisoning this couple would serve anything other than allowing people to feel like they got vengeance.

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Tesla may bill for the in-car internet that's currently free

For those of y'all claiming you could "never" forget a child, I hope you are nevertheless taking some kind of precaution, like placing your purse or briefcase in the back seat. Many of these folks have attention deficit and simply can't help themselves! As an educator, I see many of my school's children having no awareness of their environment while they are living in a virtual bubble of what's occupying them at the moment. Only a mentally deficient individual needs to have this explained to them. The engine was tucked in the middle of the car. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. People get stressed and distracted driving which results in hitting pedestrians also.

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