Japanese fighting style gentle fist

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This is nice Dan. There are apparently several schools, but all of them are basically what you get when you learn kenjutsu from The Seven Samurai and then decide to redesign the katana into a more efficient form. Pretty simple, Gentle fist breaks through any chakra based substance, Susanoo is a chakra based substance. I think your blog is great. The Last Airbender" is about so I thought it was cool that the martial arts in those shows is an actual art in real life! Today, jujutsu is practiced in many forms, both ancient and modern. Also, that it was apart of Avatar:

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However, from the 16th century onward, firearms slowly displaced the bow as the dominant battlefield weapon.

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Characters real life equivalent fighting styles?

This Shion, however, was actually Taruho, who disguised himself as her to protect the real Shion from harm. The amorphous brown blob is faster than he looks. With the long peace of the Tokugawa shogunate there was an increase in specialization with many schools identifying themselves with particular major battlefield weapons. Neji's Byakugan is unable to tell the shadow clones from the real Naruto and for that reason Naruto is able to land some blows, but Neji deflects them with Revolving Heaven and eventually seals Naruto's chakra with Sixty-Four Palms. It is this concept of "matching", or "joining", or even "harmonizing" all valid interpretations of ai that contains the complexity. Chronicles of the Kencyrath has the Senethar, a four element fighting style favored by the Kencyr culture. The most simple translation of aikias "joining energy", belies its philosophical depth.

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japanese fighting style gentle fist
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japanese fighting style gentle fist
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