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Why women's rights activists want a "no" vote for Brett Kavanaugh. That said, not all men are willing to perform oral sex — which means some millennial women who haven't previously had partners who want to go down might view it as an adventurous new act. Remember how awesome it felt to get a gold star on that fourth-grade math test? It's just all around awesome. It's also the most reliable way to make a woman orgasm. That intimacy often translates to the rest of a sexual encounter, which can improve a couple's overall chemistry. That makes oral sex all the more crucial to a mutually fulfilling sex life.

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It's a two-sided coin, and I don't want to have sex to solely get my rocks off.

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11 Men Sound Off on Why It's Empowering to Give Oral Sex

That makes oral sex all the more crucial to a mutually fulfilling sex life. I like knowing I can take someone out of her own head. Getting up close and personal with a vagina is an extremely intimate act. Women like being eaten out, making that in itself a worthwhile pursuit. I feel like mutual oral sex is a big part of that. At a certain point in their sex lives, many straight men have a critical realization:

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men giving oral sex
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men giving oral sex
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