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Privacy, Greenwich Ave. The orange-haired redhead Princess Daisy is said to be Luigi's answer to Mario's Peach, and various indications in sports games have been shown to support this. The blond Jason has a huge redhead fetish She's destined to be the hero's One True Love — since he's the male Penultimate. Sadly this is just before she is killed and she subsequently becomes The Lost Lenore. Nowhere is this more true than in the comics.

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In the first episode, she lists off how many boys have asked her to the dance as Virgil is trying to ask her out.

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Noah has an affair with Alison, a rather striking redhead. The man is a stud. A Crown of Stars: Before he learns her name, he even addresses a letter to "the auburn-haired girl in room ". In the latter game she works at a cafe. In addition, "Morty Mind Blowers" showed that Morty once used one of Rick's devices to attract women, all are redheads. The latter is also the closest the game has to a default romantic interest.

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redhead teen loves comics
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redhead teen loves comics
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