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They got harder and stronger but not bigger. More muscle fiber contracting. For all of these exercises, if training for pure hypertrophy, I recommend a 0. Some girls have unusually wide shoulders and are stronger than boys. If you can easily do 8 or more reps, you are probably using too low resistance and are building endurance instead of bulking up your muscles. He sat up with a confused blink, eyes widening as he examined their current position. Please note that since the overall goal of strength training is to enhance muscle size, a discussion with a pediatrician about steroid use is highly important, especially if your child is involved in a competitive training program.

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Weird but now I'm starting to like it and wear sexy workout outfits!

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If you do exercises hastily or using the wrong range of motion, you can risk injury. Everyone wants that and she actually deserves it. This variation also gives the brachialis a decent beating as well. Your biceps can grow more while mine don't. Learn the correct techniques and know the risks.

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