Can a redhead get tan in a tanning booth

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Wear sunglasses which offer UV protection. However since you will be in sun in CA i def suggest sunscreen all the time! Get our newsletter Subscribe to stay up to date. Tanning beds are awful for you, and to me it seems like a bad idea to intentionally exspose yourself to consemtrated sun to prevent burning when sun block and a lightweight long sleeve shirt will do the same without increased melanoma risk. Guest over a year ago Maybe you shouldn't believe everything you hear. October I know how awful tanning beds are for you, but i stilll use sometimes.

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What oil do you use?

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How Do I Tan If I Am a Redhead?

Do the 3 mintues for a week, then bump up to 4, etc. Am straight irish and I can not tan. MissCalifornia 6 years ago I am moving to California soon and very worried about the way my skin will react with the sudden increase in sun exposure. With protection, tanning is slowed down, and you can stay longer in the sun. I have to say that sunbeds have never really worked for me.

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can a redhead get tan in a tanning booth
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can a redhead get tan in a tanning booth
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