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Most tv today is so generic and dumbed down, it actually offends me. In addition to the blonde-tourage pretty trashed by the time sun has risenMarcia is slamming tequila, dancing, and eating Doritos. I think the show is great and reality does not suck i mean come on he is trying to find love while he is on the road touring. What's funny is trying to pick a virtual fight about a stupid TV show with a person who doesn't watch it. I think we could make a show "Terminator; The killer of metal reject's!

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I tried "Sober House" but to be honest found it very hard to watch having lost 4 friends to overdoses and having spent 8 yrs trying to help a very good friend stay clean.

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Gia Rock Of Love Bus Nude

And I'm not just talking about "Rock of Love". The challenge of the day is to marry Bret in a fake wedding and give him a meaningful present. After the photo shoot and more drinks, the girls climb into two buses the really drunk blondes in the pink bus, the brunettes and not drunk blondes in the blue bus and head to a concert where they are given the opportunity to be on stage with Bret. Gia is the first girl to get naked and then there is Beverly, the token tom-boy that is really into Bret Michaels' music. All of the contestants are in school the rest of the year;- Jan 19, 9: Netromancer- Brett only "loves" two things: His rock and drug fueled double novel Bleach Blackout, novel The Last Breakfast, and short story collection Emotionless Souls are now available.

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gia rock of love bus nude
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gia rock of love bus nude
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