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Our classroom was half empty as most of the Pandit girls had left Kashmir. But some mothers prefer to keep their photos hidden, in closets, in drawers or, like Zoona Begum, in trunks in the attic. As none of the powerful men who run Kashmir from Delhi expressed qualms about the blinding of children, it became clear that in its hubris the Indian state had decided that snatching vision from a few hundred young people was a fair price to pay for keeping Kashmir in check. By copying the HTML below, you agree to adhere to our republishing guidelines. According to official figures, the violence in Kashmir and Jammu has claimed 43, lives since the clashes began in

They will remember more than they have seen.

Then and now: When girls in Kashmir took to Srinagar’s Lal Chowk to protest

Interested in adding your voice to our growing community? They will certainly remember the country that did this to them. This is the story of the bloody summer that Kashmiris have endured — and of why they will not forget it. In one Budgam workshop, the sound of clicking looms mixes with the songs playing on the radio. We look forward to having you join us in our new endeavors in this space. In four months, 17, adults and children have been injured, nearly five thousand have been arrested, and an entire population spent the summer under the longest curfew in the history of curfews in Kashmir. We often republish pieces from our partners.

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