Largest human clitoris in the world

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The external genitalia of a female fetus may become masculinized if exposed to excess androgens in utero. In a study concerning the clitoral structure of mice, the mouse perineal urethra was documented as being surrounded by erectile tissue forming the bulbs of the clitoris. They observed that both clitoral and vaginal orgasms have the same stages of physical response, and found that the majority of their subjects could only achieve clitoral orgasms, while a minority achieved vaginal orgasms. Prominent debate over the quantity of vaginal nerve endings began with Alfred Kinsey. Trustees of the British Museum Natural History.

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The Longest Clitoris

A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasure. Anatomical terminology [ edit on Wikidata ]. The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. Other projects listed by the BBC include Clito Clito, body-positive jewellery made in Berlin; Clitorissimaa documentary intended to normalize mother-daughter conversations about the clitoris; and a ClitArt festival in London, encompassing spoken word performances as well as visual art. Anatomischer Anzeiger [Anatomical Gazette] in German. News Top 5 Erotic Stories. The dorsal nerves penetrated the corporeal body and distally the glans in the hyena" and, in female hyenas, "the dorsal nerves fanned out laterally on the clitoral body.

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largest human clitoris in the world
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largest human clitoris in the world
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