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I lost control and just took hold of her and kissed her hard on the mouth. They were great plans and I was proud of how much his business had expanded in the three years we were together. Before I could talk myself out of it, I licked my wrist, slammed back the shot and then dove for the lime. Then he put a lime wedge fruit side out between his teeth. His lip curled with slight amusement. She wrapped her arms around my neck and responded with equal enthusiasm as Shari who was obviously being eaten out by Richard let out a series of moans and groans next door, followed by a loud scream.

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I had a name!

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Chapter 1: Screaming Orgasm

Eric released a breath and pressed a kiss to my forehead. They were all dressed seductively and I wondered what the evening held for all of us. He started by kissing the nape of my neck, nibbling my ear as his breath grew heavier and quicker. I wanted him inside. In spite of how irresponsible the night before might have been, it felt right.

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screaming orgasm stories
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screaming orgasm stories
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